GM GROUP in Antwerpen, Belgium sells salt caves for the Polish company INM Ltd who has been building salt caves in Austria, Czech Republic, Germany. Hungary, Poland and Slovakia for many years. Over 200 salt caves have been built so far and now it is coming to Western Europe as well.


Salt is a very important mineral and used to be as valuable as gold. Without salt we would simply die. Eastern Europe knows for a long time that salt therapy, otherwise known as Spelotherapy or Halotherapy, has amazing benefits and in Hungary it is recommended by doctors and is covered by health insurance. That is why there are many salt caves in Eastern Europe


INM has extensive experience in salt cave building and offers solutions for wellness centers, resorts, and hotels spa centers, luxury spa and health hotels, thermae palaces and more. Salt Caves can also be installed in private homes.


Salt Caves are good for your health. Due to the fact the salt caves we sell in well-known resorts it is obvious that we have to provide certificates proving that salt caves are indeed healthy. So Polish laboratories have been investigating this matter and the Polish Government has issued certificates proving that salt cave sessions in salt caves we build indeed are good for your health.


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