I would like to invite all of you, regardless of age, nationality, interests or financial status, to become aware of the energy of your lives. How important is it for you the joy that you could have but not get? What would you give to know that much more is possible? What would you do to know that health, happiness and relaxation is as natural as breathing? What will change in your life if you alter its vibration by inviting the energy of nature to pervade all its aspects and all your body?

I would be mote than happy to treat you with the abundance of nature in salt caves I have created all over Europe. Be my guest and change whatever you desire to change.

– Renata Dutkiewicz-Slowak



Salt Caves can be easily built in a cellar or a large or smaller area that you have vacant. As long as the room is large enough to host a couple of lounge chairs where people can relax, it is large enough. Once installed there is almost no maintenance needed.

Salt Caves can be bought or leased. If you opt for leasing there is no investment on your side if you have a certain amount of paying guests. You can contact us about this option HERE

Let’s create a new Salt Cave for you and have a beneficial profit for your company.

We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to make your business grow.

INM Salt Caves has built over 250 salt caves in Thermae, Wellness Centers, Spa hotels and private homes.

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