Dead Sea Salt Caves

Dead Sea Salt is so beautiful, it’s surreal.  It’s no wonder something so elementally powerful is harvested in areas that resemble paradise.

You defiantly can say that the Dead Sea is one of the most unique places on the Earth.

One of the benefits is for people having a dry skin.

How frustrating it is to have a dry skin. The itchiness it creates, to the look that it gives, nobody likes when their skin is dry. Sea salt is rejuvenating for your body, and softens your skin. Furthermore, it can also be used as a proactive measure to help reduce the chances of dry skin becoming an issue. The minerals in these salts work together to allow water to more easily penetrate the skin, helping to nourish the cells in the body that allow your skin to glow!

The most interesting and beneficial reason using a salt cave is the healing properties of the salt. With a salinity of around 33% the Dead Sea contains a much higher salt concentration than average sea water. However, the main difference in Dead Sea salts lies in the contents of the salt.


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